Meet the gold standard for measuring the impact of content.

When you run content, you’re on the hook to prove it’s really working. Deliver that proof with SimpleReach: the platform that provides clear evidence of content ROI and smart ways to maximize it.

All your content data (and then some) at your fingertips.

Drawing from the world’s largest network of cross-platform content data sources, SimpleReach brings together the real-time performance data from every piece of content you run. It’s all there for you to explore, in one easy-to-use platform.

  • See engagement data on articles or video from any site, social channel, or third-party publisher
  • Drill down to item-specific dashboards for deep metrics on individual content pieces
  • Easily create custom dashboards for specific campaigns or groups of content

Tools for real data detective work.

The content-centric analytics and detailed reporting capabilities within SimpleReach help you take your data exploration further than ever before, and easily uncover new ways to boost ROI.

  • Create custom reports from article and video data across all owned websites, apps, publisher partners, and social platforms
  • Export data cuts at any time to uncover hard-to-spot trends and correlations

Your Stats vs. The Standard.

Equipped with the world’s most robust collection of branded content metrics, SimpleReach gives you the opportunity to compare campaign performance to industry standards. Prove you have the capability to outperform the competition.

  • View robust benchmarks data grouped by either publisher category or brand vertical
  • Drill into comparisons of key metrics like average engaged time, scroll depth, volume of social actions and social referrals across devices and platforms

Actionable insights served around the clock.

With SimpleReach, you don’t have to dig for insights to help you hit your campaign goals. The system surfaces them automatically, so you spend less time searching and more time smashing KPIs.

  • Get real-time predictive scores that reveal which content pieces are likely to take off so you can get ahead of the curve and further amplify them
  • Receive insights flagged by our behind-the-scenes intelligence, which monitors your content 24/7 for anything noteworthy or unusual and alerts you via email

Seamless integration for closing the content loop.

If you can connect the data you collect to outcomes, you win at content. SimpleReach is designed with this goal in mind, integrating seamlessly with other downstream marketing tools and putting the odds of winning in your favor.

  • Sync your engagement data to just about any data management platform, making it easy to close the loop on reporting and add rich content behavioral data to prospect profiles
  • Leverage a powerful tag management system to capture and build new audiences no matter where they engage with your content, and enable smarter ad targeting


See what people are saying
“Before working with SimpleReach, it was like having a coach tell you what to do after the game. Now we get insights in real time that are completely actionable.”

Luke Kintigh

Global Content + Media Strategist, Intel

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One simple way to become a high-performing content team.

By bringing all your content performance data together and providing the tools that help you turn it into results, SimpleReach gives you a single surefire method for measuring and boosting ROI.

Use real-time dashboards to assess content and campaign performance across all channels, creators, and formats.


Identify top-performing content and extract actionable insights, while discovering the distribution channels driving strong returns.


Improve content creation strategy, predict which content will take off before it does, and double down on your winners.


Share performance summaries directly with colleagues and clients in the form of simple dashboard snapshots.

Driving higher conversion with content data

Find out how the media agency for an enterprise software company used SimpleReach to achieve an 80% increase in content marketing ROI.

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