Your guide to better content decision making.

With more content in more places than ever before, it’s a challenge to figure out what’s performing best and why. SimpleReach eliminates guesswork by providing intelligent insights, automated alerts, and comprehensive reports that help you make goal-crushing content decisions.

A single mission control center for all your content.

SimpleReach brings all your content data together — articles, videos, or anything else — into a single, customizable view of performance across all sites, social channels, and third-party publishers.

With a glance at a dashboard, see how your content is doing and what’s trending at any given moment. Zoom out to get the overall brand health perspective, and zoom in to the granular performance of any individual article or video. Plus, share a non-editable version of any dashboard with colleagues.

Flexible data exploration, findable insights.

SimpleReach makes it easy to evaluate how your content has been performing with detailed reporting capabilities in any web browser. Export data cuts at any time to dive deeper into performance over a specific period and see trends and correlations.

Real-time optimization for real-time ROI.

When you have a potential winning piece of content on your hands, SimpleReach’s predictive score lets you know.  Determine which articles should receive additional paid distribution spend, and which ones are best pulled off the shelf.

See immediate ROI by re-allocating precious media budget to amplifying content that’s already resonating with your audience.

Wired for data activation and attribution.

The holy grail of content marketing performance measurement is to close the content marketing loop — capturing every piece of content data, making it useful, and connecting it to outcomes.

SimpleReach is easily synced with most data management platforms to make it easy to send your content engagement data downstream — plus a powerful tag management system enables real-time content amplification and smarter ad targeting.


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“Before working with SimpleReach, it was like having a coach tell you what to do after the game. Now we get insights in real time that are completely actionable.”

Luke Kintigh

Global Content + Media Strategist, Intel

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Intel: Turning insights into content ROI

Find out how SimpleReach helped this iconic tech brand increase engagement across all channels and fundamentally shift the way it does content marketing.

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