Reporting and validating ROI have never been so simple.

It’s always been a challenge for agency content teams to report on a large volume of client campaign content, let alone prove the value of it all. SimpleReach solves that dilemma by providing an independent, unified source of performance data and the world’s most comprehensive content measurement platform — so you can evaluate, verify, and report on your clients’ content performance with ease.

One command center for all your clients’ content.

Collect data, analyze it, and report on it from one central HQ. SimpleReach tracks every piece of content in every campaign — articles, videos, anything — and shows you the full spectrum of performance across all partners and influencers.

Gather all the information you need with customizable dashboards that cover every perspective, from the campaign level all the way down to the detailed performance of an individual article or video.

Your eyes and ears all day, every day.

SimpleReach makes it easy to keep tabs on what’s going on with your clients’ campaigns. Real-time performance data shows you which pieces are performing best at any given moment and which partners and campaigns are getting the most bang for the buck.

At the same time, behind-the-scenes AI keeps an eye on your clients’ content 24/7—discovering insights, watching your back for any out-of-the-ordinary changes, and alerting you automatically via email.

Ridiculously effortless reporting.

With all your clients’ content data in one place, SimpleReach makes your job, well, simpler. Export data cuts at any time to dive deeper into performance over a specific period and see trends and correlations.

Share performance summaries directly with your colleagues and clients in the form of clean, interactive dashboards. And revel in never having to look at another partner performance spreadsheet or cobble together another report manually again.

In sync with your quest for ROI.

Really prove your worth as an agency partner by closing the content marketing loop — connecting content data to outcomes that matter to your clients, and leveraging that data as a signal for additional media buys.

SimpleReach is easily synced with most data management platforms to make it easy to add content engagement data to attribution models, build new audience pools for targeting on other platforms, and further boost your clients’ ROI.


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“Before working with SimpleReach, it was like having a coach tell you what to do after the game. Now we get insights in real time that are completely actionable.”

Luke Kintigh

Global Content + Media Strategist, Intel

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